• Missouri committee passes bill to ban “material support or resources” for warrantless federal surveillance

  • FASTER program, response to school shootings
  • FASTER stands for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response.
  • Americans make record job gains as media suffers record job losses
  • What’s bad for the media is good for America.
  • Campaign to halt classroom indoctrination gets a boost from new website
  • UC Berkeley settles lawsuit over Conservative speaker censorship
  • Washington police chief pushes back against anti-2A regulations
  • A police chief in Washington state says he has no plans to enforce new alleged anti-Second Amendment regulations passed by voters during this month's elections
  • California: Despite strict gun control, mom buys gun & protects kids from home invader
  • One mom in Taft, California was able to acquire a gun that she used to protect her four children from a home invader.
  • ‘Immigrant, minority woman’ reveals what the Dem-led anti-Kavanaugh movement has forced her to do
  • Adele Scalia — wife of Christopher Scalia, the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia — said she now supports Republicans after witnessing the embarrassing charade that sought to take down Kavanaugh.
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  • Amid the wave of criticism for her performance at the hearing, the freshman representative and former bartender issued a series of tweets pushing back against those poking holes in her global warming logic.

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  • Organization run by US muslim brotherhood operative Nidal Sakr is dissolved
  • Sakr has issued death threats against President Trump and was sentenced to death, himself, in Egypt for murder.
  • Broward elections supervisor Brenda Snipes resigns
  • Husband wrestles gun away, delivers cold, hard justice to thug attacking wife. Both were shot and will survive, but thug is dead.
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  • Federal court: Hamas-CAIR must stand trial for fraud

  • JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (March 13, 2019) – Yesterday, a Missouri House committee unanimously passed a bill that would ban “material support or resources” for warrantless federal surveillance programs. This is an essential step every state needs to take at a time when the federal government seems unlikely to ever end unconstitutional spying on its own.

    Rep. Ron Hicks (R-Dardenne Praire) filed House Bill 296 (HB296) on Dec. 18 for introduction in the 2019 legislative session. The proposed law would prohibit the state and its agencies, political subdivisions, special districts, or employees from assisting, participating with, or providing material support or resources to a federal  agency to enable it to collect or facilitate in the collection or use of a person’s electronic  data or metadata unless one of three circumstances apply.

    (1) The person has given informed consent;
    (2) The action is pursuant to a warrant that is based upon probable cause and particularly describes the person, place, or thing to be searched or seized; or
    (3) The action is in accordance with a legally recognized exception to the warrant requirement.

    The legislation stipulates that “The attorney general shall enforce the provisions of this section in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Missouri.”

    On March 12, the Special Committee on Homeland Security approved HB296 by a 5-0 vote.

    HB296 is similar to a Michigan law that went into effect last summer.

    Missouri could become the third state to take action to prohibit support for warrantless federal surveillance. In 2014, California took a smaller first step when Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill banning the state from participating in, or providing material support or resources to any federal agency engaged in the “illegal and unconstitutional collection of electronic data or metadata.” The California law needs additional steps for effectuation by defining specifically what actions constitute “illegal and unconstitutional.” The Michigan law and HB296 go further by prohibiting specific state actions and gives the movement to stop unconstitutional federal surveillance more momentum.

    According to a report leaked by a Republican congressional aide, the NSA recently ended a bulk phone data collection program operated under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act. But make no mistake, surveillance continues under other “authorities.” The program that is reportedly not being used is only a fraction of the NSA dragnet, and the Patriot Act is only one source of “authority” for federal spying. In fact, officials have admitted that “a great deal of communications-related information collected under the executive order 12333.” This Reagan-era EO provides even less oversight and transparency than Section 215.

    And despite concerns about warrantless surveillance in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations, Congress has done nothing to rein in NSA spying. In fact, it has expended it. For instance, in January 2018, Congress reauthorized the FISA Sec. 702.

    As Andrew Napolitano explained, “the FISA-created process permits a secret court in Washington to issue general warrants based on the government’s need to gather intelligence about national security from foreigners among us. It pretends that the standard is probable cause of foreign agency, but this has now morphed into the issuance of general warrants whenever the government wants them.” A typical FISA warrant authorizes government surveillance on all landlines, mobile devices and desktop computers in a given area. While the process was created to monitor foreign agents, it sweeps up reams of data belonging to Americans.


    Millions have struggled with the mind-crushing perplexity of pure evil, sometimes incompetence, and the vile whimsicality of fate—of probability and improbability. In his Four Quartets, T. S. Eliot wrote: “human kind cannot bear very much reality.” Maybe so, but a few can bear reality; indeed, they embrace it and accept its duties and risks as the cost of pursuing a virtuous cause. They are willing to tip-toe into evil’s fire center to confront reality. The story of Colorado’s FASTER program is the story of those few.

    Background and Mission
    Data from mass shootings suggest a gunman will kill or injure a victim every seventeen seconds. Yet, under the best circumstances, police are eight minutes away. In rural areas, the time lag can be greater than half an hour. Not to belabor the obvious, having an armed defender seconds away will save lives. This is not an ideological or political position; it is a fact. Evidence also indicates that those planning mass shootings have school resource officers (SROs) as initial targets or wait until the SRO is away from the attack’s location. The shooter often thinks strategically.

    FASTER stands for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. FASTER training enables teachers, administrators and other school employees to stop school violence quickly and administer advanced first aid techniques—to correctly apply tourniquets for arterial bleeds, how to pack a wound for trauma to the torso, how to apply a chest seal—to treat victims until paramedics arrive.

    FASTER is not intended as a replacement for police and EMTs. Instead, it trains on-site personnel to save lives through prompt action. Training is a prerequisite to arming teachers. FASTER is one training opportunity. In many instances, FASTER graduates qualify at a higher level in handgun proficiency than police officers and sheriffs’ deputies. A concealed carry permit is required to qualify for enrollment. Participation is voluntary.

    The Colorado Program
    School boards and charter school boards in Colorado may legally authorize staff—teachers, janitors, bus drivers, etc.—to carry a concealed handgun as a school security officer. This reality inspired Laura Carno to travel to Ohio to study its FASTER program and assess its viability in Colorado. Ms. Carno, author of the provocatively titled book,  Government Ruins Nearly Everything: Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants, brought the FASTER program to Colorado in 2018 and serves as Executive Director. FASTER is a project of Colorado’s Independence Institute, the preeminent public policy ‘think tank’ which prefers the appellation ‘action tank.’ (https://i2i.org/faster-training) In addition to the Institute’s groundbreaking litigation, work on ballot initiatives and investigative reporting, it is engaged intensely in 2nd Amendment issues. For example, its research director, David Kopel, is an unsurpassed expert and one of the writers of the legal briefs in the landmark United States Supreme Court case, District of Columbia v. Heller..

    While FASTER training is focused on securing our schools, the training is also open to other participants such as church staff or other concealed carry holders. Class tuition is $1,000 and includes a complete trauma kit for the participants to take back to their school, church or home. Upon request, scholarships are available for school staff members. Colorado FASTER is a non-profit organization.

    The Soul of FASTER
    Passion, competence and commitment to a virtuous purpose are requisites for an effective program intended to engage in lethal actions. Following the links in this article will quickly apprise interested readers of FASTER’s details. Not so easily discovered are the flesh and souls behind Colorado’s program. Several years ago, after her trip to Ohio, Ms. Carno made the acquaintance of Graham Dunne, a Colorado police officer and private firearms instructor. He became involved and introduced her to Quinn Cunningham. Cunningham is illustrative of instructor’s skills and dedication.

    Michael Sabbeth is the author of The Good, The Bad & The Difference: How to Talk with Children About Values. See Amazon.com  http://tinyurl.com/c5flmmu. He is completing his soon-to-be-published book The Path of the Honorable Hunter: A Call to Action to Defend and Advance Hunting


    The winter freeze might have shut down entire cities, but it couldn’t slow down job growth as the economy roared through the cold and shattered projections with 304,000 non-farm jobs in January.

    There were job gains everywhere from transportation (27,000) to health care (42,000) to hospitality (74,000). Under Trump, construction gained 338,000 jobs in 12 months while manufacturing picked up 261,000 jobs in that same period. There was good news for many industries, but bad news for one.

    The media is freezing colder than the polar vortex with thousands of lost jobs in January and February.

    Gannett, the giant behind USA Today and many local lefty papers such as the Arizona Republic, the Detroit Free Press and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, fired 400 employees.

    McClatchy, another newspaper giant, which publishes the Miami Herald, the Kansas City Star and the Charlotte Observer, among many others, announced voluntary buyouts for 10% of its employees after having fired 3.5% of its staff or 140 employees back in August. Tronc, another publishing giant, has already been making major cuts at newspapers like the New York Daily News and the Los Angeles Times.

    Reuters expects to cut 3,200 jobs or 12% of its global workforce, closing 55 offices by 2020. BuzzFeed fired 15% of its staff or 220 employees, wiping out its national security desk, most of its national news desk, LGBT team and entertainment team.

    Verizon, which through a series of bad business decisions had inherited the Huffington Post, cut 7% or 800 jobs in its media division. HuffPo dumped its health and opinion section, along with various reporters. Vice Media is laying off 10% or 250 employees from its global staff. Mic’s staff was mostly let go back in November. And the bloodletting isn’t over. It’s just beginning.

    Why is the media failing while the rest of the economy is thriving?

    It used to be said that what’s good for General Motors is good for America. But what’s good for the media is bad for America. And what’s bad for the media appears to be remarkably good for America.

    In 2009, as the economy was tanking, journalism school applications increased sharply. As the economy began to recover, J-School enrollment began to fall. Call it the Vulture Effect. Carrion eaters are attracted to death. When the death rate drops, they have to either learn to kill things or face extinction.


    The David Horowitz Freedom Center has completed a comprehensive update and reorganization of StopK12Indoctrination.org, a website devoted to halting indoctrination in America’s public schools. The site exposes instances of classroom and curricular indoctrination across the United States and seeks to work with parents and legislators to enact a Code of Ethics for K-12 Public School Teachers in their states. 

    Our public schools have traditionally been the cornerstone of our country's democratic values, but no longer. As recent events documented on StopK12Indoctrination.org reveal, no age group and no corner of our K-12 classrooms are immune from the left's ideological aggression.

    • At the Edina School District in Edina, Minnesota, all employees, even bus drivers, must take "Equity and Racial Justice Training" instructing them that "dismantling white privilege" is at the core of the district's mission. They must acknowledge their racial guilt, and embrace the district's "equity" ideology.

    • To enhance "cultural diversity," students at Maryland's La Plata High School were ordered to copy the Islamic creed "Shahada" which states in part, "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." One worksheet distributed by the school stated, "Most Muslims' faith is stronger than the average Christian."

    • An Ohio middle school teacher assigned his students to rank 12 individuals, described by race, profession, gender, religion and sexuality, by who is most deserving to survive an apocalypse on Earth. The potential survivors included “a racist armed police officer who is accused of using excessive force”; “a militant African-American medical student”; “a 21-year-old female Muslim international student”; and “a homosexual male professional athlete.”

    • Public high schools in Newton, Massachusetts were sued by a coalition of parents after they discovered that their children had been given lessons from the Arab World Studies Notebook, a textbook which is funded by a Saudi Arabian oil company which also funds the terrorist groups Hamas and Al-Qaeda. This textbook falsely claims that there is a “Hollywood Jewish conspiracy” to portray Arabs negatively in film and that Jerusalem is “Palestine’s capital.”

    • Maurice Sendak Community School, a public school located in Brooklyn, New York, hosted a “Drag Queen Story Hour” for first grade students during which adult males dressed as women read books to students. A teacher at the school commented, “During our debrief …students were preaching the incredible lessons they had learned, like ‘it’s OK to be different,’ and ‘there’s no such thing as “boy” and “girl” things.’”


    The settlement is arguably a victory for the conservative students. As part of the agreement, UC Berkeley will change its policy regarding campus speaking events and pay $70,000 to the conservative student groups for their attorney fees. The lawsuit came in the aftermath of the campus’ decision to cancel scheduled speeches by pundits incluing Ann Coulter. The university claimed at the time that the cost of security was high to allow the events to go on as planned.

    Now, UC Berkeley will adopt a new policy for campus events, one that should hopefully make it easier for conservative students to host speakers.

    “While we regret the time, effort and resources that have been expended successfully defending the constitutionality of UC Berkeley’s event policy, this settlement means the campus will not need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in unrecoverable defense costs to prove that UC Berkeley has never discriminated on the basis of viewpoint,” Mogulof said.

    One of the conservative student groups that was part of the settlement, the Young America’s Foundation, also claimed victory. Spokesperson Spencer Brown argued that UC Berkeley administrators can no longer weaponize free speech to benefit progressive groups and harm conservative ones.

    “YAF’s landmark victory for free expression—long squelched by Berkeley’s scheming administrators who weaponized flawed policies to target conservatives—shows that the battle for freedom undertaken by YAF on campuses nationwide is a necessary one,” Brown added.


    Voters in Washington state recently approved increased, statewide regulations on the Second Amendment. But one local police chief says he has no plans to enforce them, claiming they infringe on the Second Amendment.

    According to KXLY-TV, the new regulations, which were approved by nearly 60 percent of Washington state voters, are some of the most strict firearm regulations in the country. KXLY explains:

    Initiative 1639…raises the age limit for some gun purchases; it has a safe storage provision that can lead to criminal charges if gun owners allow someone not authorized to access a gun displays it or uses it to commit a crime; and puts an enhanced background check and waiting period in place for people who want to buy a semi-automatic rifle.

    What did the police chief do?

    Loren Culp, the police chief of Republic, a small town in northeastern Washington, took to Facebook last week to inform his citizens he will not enforce Initiative 1639, which the voters of Republic overwhelmingly rejected.

    “I’ve taken 3 public oaths, one in the US Army and Two as a police officer. All of them included upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States of America,” Culp wrote. “The second amendment says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    “As long as I am Chief of Police, no Republic Police Officer will infringe on a citizens right to keep and Bear Arms, PERIOD!” he declared.

    According to KXLY, 73 percent of voters in Republic voted against Initiative 1639.

    In an interview with KXLY, Culp said he believes Initiative 1639 “completely flies in the face of both the U.S. and state constitution.”

    What does Culp plan to do?

    In an effort to rebut the new alleged anti-Second Amendment regulations, Culp wrote on Facebook that he has proposed a city ordinance to safeguard firearm rights protected by both the U.S. Constitution and the Washington State Constitution.

    Culp proposed the ordinance be cited as the “2nd Amendment Sanctuary City Ordinance.”

    Chris is the Weekend Editor at TheBlaze. He resides in North Carolina. Email him: cenloe@theblaze.com


    Taft, CA — In a reaction to the Parkland, Fl shooting, California Gov. Jerry Brown just signed the strictest gun control laws in the county into action this month—again. Despite already having the strictest gun laws in the nation, California took it one step further, making it that much harder for citizens to defend themselves. Luckily, however, one mom in Taft, California was able to acquire a gun that she used to protect her four children from a home invader.

    Thanks to even more gun control measures, in California, residents will soon have to undergo background checks just to buy ammunition. Citizens’ AR-15 rifles must be modified to no longer fit the definition of what California calls assault rifles, or owners will become felons. And 18-20-year-olds will no longer be able to defend themselves with a gun.

    Despite having the strictest gun control laws in the nation, however, six million California citizens have been able to cut through all the red tape, jump through the legal hoops, and obtain at least one. Brittany Morse is thankful that she is one of those six million.

    Earlier this month, Morse’s 7-year-old daughter told her mom that she thought someone was in her home. Morse immediately went into fight or flight mode and decided to fight.

    “She opened the door, she sees him there, and slams it shut, screaming, running back to me,” Morse told KGET.

    Morse then corralled her children into a locked room where they would be safe and grabbed her gun and her phone.

    While on the phone with police, Morse unlocked her pistol and loaded the magazine of the gun she had just purchased only two weeks prior.

    She then confronted the robber, who she said had a knife on him, and held him at gunpoint.

    “I told the dispatch, ‘I believe he has a knife on him.’ And I told him, ‘You come near me, you take one step toward me, I will shoot you,'” she said.

    This man was clearly not concerned with the fact that there were people in the home as he had broken in at 6:30 in the morning.

    “If he would’ve come in the house while me and my children were awake, I don’t know what he would’ve done,” Morse said. “But I wasn’t going to sit there and find out.”

    The man had taken her laptop, her paycheck, and some food according to Morse.

    “He went through my purse. He didn’t take my credit cards; he didn’t take the money I had in my purse. He took bananas,” Morse said.

    Luckily for the man, Morse wished to preserve life, so she used only the amount of force necessary to protect her children and did not open fire on him, even though she would have been justified in it.

    The same cannot be said about officer Amber Guyger who allegedly thought she was confronted by a home invader and opened fire on an innocent Botham Jean, killing him.

    Morse held the man at gunpoint until police showed up and he was arrested and charged with burglary.

    Thanks to Morse and her support for the Second Amendment, the burglar, 25-year-old Aoreliorho Velasco will have another chance at getting his life on the right path and Morse’s children are safe.

    Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project.


    As the Senate is set to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court Saturday, it appears that the well-orchestrated attempt to derail his nomination has backfired.

    Writing in a new essay for The Federalist, Adele Scalia — wife of Christopher Scalia, the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia — said she now supports Republicans after witnessing the embarrassing charade that sought to take down Kavanaugh.

    What did she say?

    Scalia wrote:
    I have become a unicorn. My metamorphosis didn’t require a magic spell or potion, or even a trip to a well-reviewed plastic surgeon to add a horn to my head. All it took was Democrats’ treatment of Brett Kavanaugh over the last few weeks to turn me into that elusive creature: a minority, immigrant woman who supports Republicans.

    Scalia said some might assume she is Republican because of the family she married into, but she made it clear she is not. In fact, she wrote that she “sympathize[s] strongly with Democratic perspectives.” Now, however, Scalia said her eyes have been opened, and she sees “that Democrats are not who they claim to be.”

    Chris is the Weekend Editor at TheBlaze. He resides in North Carolina. Email him: cenloe@theblaze.com


    Thirteen-year-old Preston Sharp is doing something quite special to honor fallen United States servicemen, according to WLNY-TV.

    Preston is traveling across the U.S., hitting each state, in order to put American flags and flowers on the graves of fallen veterans.

    “I’m just trying to give back to all veterans,” Preston said. “They worked so hard, they went through so much training. And I’m just trying to give some of that back.”

    Preston, who has his own web page to promote his nonprofit organization, Veteran Flowers and Flags, was inspired in 2015 after he visited his grandfather’s grave and took note of the lack of adornments on the surrounding vets’ graves.

    “I got really frustrated that our veterans weren’t [sic] be honored on Veterans Day,” he said. “My mom taught me if you see something wrong, do something about it, don’t complain about it.”

    The Redding, California, native visited Brooklyn, New York’s Cypress Hill National Cemetery on Saturday. New York is the 22nd state he’s visited so far on his goodwill tour.

    Preston, who has partnered with various veterans groups and first responders from across the U.S., has placed at least over 180,000 flags on the graves of U.S. veterans.

    He plans to complete all 50 states by Veterans Day 2019.

    Sarah is a journalist at TheBlaze. She resides in Delaware. Find her on Twitter @thesarahdtaylor or email her at staylor@theblaze.com.

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