• Wed 08-15 IRS allowed to hand out $3.5 mil of taxpayer money, avoid ‘guilt’ in Tea party scandal
  •   The Obama administration saves face here, but it doesn’t do a darned thing to actually protect the people from oppressive government scrutiny and overreach in the future.
  • Wed 08-15 Nat. Archives stumble onto new Obama scandal — ‘wholesale destruction’ of gov’t records
  • Wed 08-15 The gift that keeps on taking — after all, it's free AND it's CLEAN!
  • Wed 08-15 Tom Fitton: Peter Strzok should be criminally investigated
  • Wed 08-15 Brennan, the Spooks, and Russian collusion
  •   The FBI is being held accountable for its role in spy operations against the Trump campaign. John Brennan’s CIA should be held accountable as well.
  • Wed 08-15 Comedy has been taken over by ‘insanely self-important people like Stephen Colbert’
  • Wed 08-15 Colorado is targeting Christian baker Jack Phillips — again. This time, he’s going on the offensive.
  • Wed 08-15 Mystery Russian satellite's behaviour raises alarm in US
  •   "We don't know for certain what it is and there is no way to verify it," said assistant secretary Yleem Poblete at a conference in Switzerland on 14 August.
      Space weapons may be designed to cause damage in more subtle ways than traditional weapons like guns, which could cause a lot of debris in orbit, explained Alexandra Stickings, a research analyst at the Royal United Services Institute.
  • Tue 08-14 Democrats nominate first 'transgender' governor candidate
  • Tue 08-14 YouTube is putting pointless labels on climate videos
  •   YouTube is beginning to label videos related to the climate with a statement that the Earth is warming. Since the videos from both sides get labeled the same, labeling is meaningless.

      Meanwhile …

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