• Wed 07-18 Reaction by most of the media to Trump-Putin press conference ‘is like mob violence’
  • Wed 07-18 The Left's [alternate reality]: Trump-Putin meltdown
  • Just another nail in the coffin of the Leftist establishment’s credibility.
  • Tue 07-17 No, the #WalkAway movement isn't run by Russian bots. but it is a major threat to the Democrat party
  • Sat 07-14 Why the Peter Strzok hearing was a giant waste of time
  • Sat 07-14 Another Trump protest fizzles, this time in London
  • "Protesters gather in London for mass anti-Trump rallies," screamed the CNN headline.
  • Sat 07-14 Ted Cruz posts bad news on his campaign funding
  • Candidates often employ dire language to shake backers from complacency. His opponent, Democrat Beto O'Rourke, announced an attention-grabbing $10.4 million haul for the three months ending June 30 — more than double Cruz's $4.6 million tally.

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