• Fri 02-15 Pelosi warns GOP: Dem POTUS could declare emergency for gun control
  • Fri 02-15 McCabe now claims ’25th Amendment’ remarks were ‘taken out of context’
  •   Deepstater McCabe tries to walk back comments about removing President Trump.
  • Fri 02-15 An apoplectic Debbie 'Wasserman' Schultz sez it's ‘repulsive’ that ‘chickenhawk’ President Trump is stealing money from the military
  • Fri 02-15 With Amazon NYC 'second HQ' deal canceled, Ocasio-Cortez now officially is a huge problem for Dems
  •   Having demonstrated her ability to confound the schemes linking the party to the tech oligarchs — and her profound ignorance of the basics of fiscal reality — the party bosses now realize they must be rid of her.
  • Thu 02-14 McCabe details central role in Russia probes, DOJ meetings on how to oust President
  •   Disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, 'speaking out' in a new book and TV interview, detailed the central role he played in the bureau's 'Russia probe' and the eventual appointment of a special counsel — while reportedly describing Justice Department meetings where officials discussed ousting President Trump.
  • Thu 02-14 Senate confirms William Barr to be Trump's next attorney general
  •   Barr’s confirmation passed a 54-45 mostly party line vote in the GOP-led Senate. The vote came more than three months after Jeff Sessions, Trump's first attorney general, was fired.

      Meanwhile …

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