• Fri 08-18 The Democrats search for another Lost Cause
  • Thu 08-17 President Trump is endorsing free speech
  • Thu 08-17 Political organizer mobilizes to troll, satirize election
  • In late July, former Bernie Sanders campaigner Paul Oliva registered a pair of political organizations for the sole purpose of trolling and satirizing Anchorage’s spring municipal election.
  • Thu 08-17 Trump is in the White House, and the Republican party will never be the same
  • Thu 08-17 [Fake searches:] Google manipulates search results to conceal criticism of islam and jihad
  • Wed 08-16 The group that got ignored in Charlottesville
  • Antifa is a loosely-connected band of anti-capitalist protesters generally on the far left who dub themselves "anti-fascist" after their compatriots in Europe.

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