• Fri 10-11 Ukrainians protest leader’s [President Zelenskyy of phone call fame] olive branch to Russia
  • Fri 10-11 Federal appeals court rules Donald Trump's accountants must hand over his tax returns to Democrats in Congress — virtually guaranteeing Supreme Court will decide whether he can keep his financial records secret
  • Fri 10-11 Fired diplomat unloads on Donald Trump: Former ambassador to Ukraine tells Congress that she was ordered home 'on the next plane' after 'concerted campaign based on false claims by people with clearly questionable motives'
  • Yovanovitch defended herself against what she called 'unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives,' including a rumor that she had handed Ukraine's top prosecutor a list of people who were not to be charged with crimes.
  • Fri 10-11 More “potential whistleblowers” are contacting congress
  • Fri 10-11 [Yecch] Annals of pandering: Joe Biden tells gay audience all about that kiss he got from Obama
  • Even Anderson Cooper was embarrassed.
  • Fri 10-11 [Long video — worth it] Ukraine scandal timeline
  • [Perhaps Google/YouTube (same company) honchos were shamed into removing their blocks, but it looks available again. If not, try using duckduckgo.]

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