• Thu 09-20 Legal jihad: Islamic terrorist uses American Courts to enforce sharia law
  • Thu 09-20 Professor: Here are the 3 most destructive ideas colleges are teaching students today
  • Thu 09-20 Actor Chris Pratt denies Hollywood is anti-Christian, reveals why he’s been so vocal about his faith
  • Wed 09-19 [cNN] Kidnapped International Red Cross aid worker killed [by Boko Haram] in Nigeria
  • Wed 09-19 Exposing the Deep State Plotters
  •   Trump orders a trove of documents declassified to prove the Russia conspiracy theory is a “hoax.
  • Wed 09-19 Oxford Prof whitewashes the islamization of the Middle East
  •   Rewriting history to manipulate people into accepting today’s Leftist policies is a big business.

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